Open Coworking Week


Here's your super opportunity to try out what a work day is like in a coworking office! If you've never been to a place like this before, it's guaranteed to be a new experience, with tons of inspiration and even new relationships!

If you have been to a coworking office, we encourage you to try other places, get to know new faces and discover how colorful the Hungarian coworking palette is!

During Open Coworking Week, from 25 to 29 April 2022, you can work a day free of charge in the selected Hungarian coworking office! The list of offices will be available at the end of March, check the news and be prepared to be among the first to register to the coolest places!


Choose a coworking office you like in Budapest or in the countryside.

You can't make a bad choice: each place is different, unique and special, but whichever one you choose, they will welcome you with great joy!

Register via the link available under the introductions!

It's only a minute and this is your contribution to the stress free and smooth coordination.

Within 24 hours, the selected coworking office will send a confirmation to see if there is still room for the given day.

If not, agree at a different time or if you do not want to change the time slot, choose another office.


Baobab Coworking Oasis

1114 Budapest, Kemenes utca 14.

Coworking is when freelancers, designers, sole entrepreneurs and small companies share a common place to work. If you still haven’t mastered the art of balancing your laptop on tiny coffee tables; if you’re tired of being asked every 10 minutes if you would like to order another coffee by the waitress at your local coffee shop; or if you've just realised you just spent another full week at home without seeing the light of day – then you’re probably ready for a coworking space. At Baobab, we embrace the concept and as such, we’re renting out desks in our gorgeous office just by Budapest Szent Gellért square in a house that’s actually one of Budapest's protected buildings designed by the famous Hungarian architect, Emil Vidor. We welcome people who don’t want their own office but still would like to have other nice people around – folks to bounce ideas off, go for lunch or maybe devise plans for the next big thing. We also provide our beautiful meeting room for when our coworkers who want to host clients or organise group meetings. Oh, and there’s a garden area, too!

Eco Office

1064 Budapest, Izabella u. 68/b

Research shows that we will be more efficient, relaxed and happier when surrounded by a green environment. So we have established a coworking office for you in the heart of the city centre where you can work in a green environment. A place built on environmental awareness. This is the eco-office coworking office. There are many coworking offices in the city where you can sit, but we have created a place for you where coworking takes on a new meaning. We'll help you put the noise of the crowded, rushing city behind you for a few hours and recharge. We have a real green belt every day, as if you were in nature. The coworking office is basically designed for people, entrepreneurs, companies who do not have a business premises, but an exclusive environment is essential for the company's profile. If you are one of them, join our unique eco-community, where our main goal is to support each other in achieving our goals! We want you to be part of the eco-office community, contribute to each other's success and create a special eco-community together.


1134 Budapest, Lehel utca 14.

Are you tired of the office atmosphere, but is the home office getting uncomfortable? Moreover, due to the unpredictable epidemiological situation, can you not commit and plan for the long term yourself? Coworking is the answer for you. Especially a flexible, personalized system, 0-24 hours a day, friendly and modern style. Just like FRoffice, where we offer any options between one-hour rental and one-year rental. Office workstations, conference and community space, as well as intimate coaching and wellbeing rooms await you in the 13th district of Budapest, in our modern and tastefully decorated, multi-function, spacious room, which has been operating successfully for years at the corner of Dózsa György Street and Lehel Street, which has recently received a (summer 2021) shape adjustment, modern and tastefully furnished, multi-function, spacious room.


1091 Budapest, Üllői út 55.

HUB55 is a unique blend of startup hub, coworking space, private offices, event spaces and cafe/bar. Located next to the buzzing Corvin-district business area, the prestigious and historic building at Üllői Street 55. offers a bright and spacious coworking hall, several breakout and meeting rooms, event spaces, an in-house bar and networking opportunities to take your business to the next level, whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, freelancer, startup or already established business.


1137 Budapest, Jászai Mari tér 5-6.

You are working as a freelancer, but you don’t feel like sitting at home all the time? Does ambient noise of a bustling bar or café disturb you and you spend too much on coffee? As a small enterprise you are interested in flexible office rent? Have no appropriate place to meet your clients? You are looking for networking possibilities and you want to share your new startup ideas with others? Then come and try out, how life is in a coworking office, where you can not only find a quiet and inspiring work environment, but can also build professional relationships and find cooperative partners for your next project. We offer you a cost efficient and simple solution, where we tailor our services to your needs: workplaces, offices or meeting rooms are to let for hours, days or even for a longer term just as your business demands. We provide you all the support your business needs, besides our business address and mail forwarding services we arrange regular meetups, where you can learn more about the currently available EU-grant programs, changes in legislation and the latest marketing trends, which can improve your brand and inspire you how to get your business known. And after a long, busy day at work getting out from the office you will find yourself immediately in the lively downtown or you can just go for a run to the Margaret Island, only a few-minutes-walk from us.


1066 Budapest, Weiner Leó utca 4.

Liftoff coworking office with an inspiring and happy community in one of Budapest's vibrant districts. Liftoff is waiting for you if you want a creative community, thinking together, inspiring ideas. Visit us if you are building your future and success and shaping the everyday life of your business in the usual way. We offer space and opportunity for this.


1085 Budapest, Salétrom utca 4.

Believing in the global power of sharing & collaborating, we create stylish spaces, flexible services & a diverse community. In 2009 we were the first coworking space in Hungary and among the firsts in Austria, launching the coworking movement in the region. Today - thanks to all the innovative ideas and our diverse community - Loffice is home to creative entrepreneurs, cultural initiatives & freelancers of all sorts.

Szikra Coworking

1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 30.

In the center of Budapest, next to Klauzál Square, Szikra Coworking is home to a community of freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs, where you can work, meet or even hold events undisturbed. We ourselves left the Budapest apartment offices behind so that we can take care of all your problems related to the working area with our quality services. With our flexible packages and events, we pay special attention to supporting freelance communities, entrepreneurs and companies. If you need a meeting room, a private office, or just want to stop by for a few hours occasionally, check in with us, we are open to everything!

The Other WorkSpace

1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 5.

We started The Other WorkSpace with one aim in mind. We wanted people to be able to work simply and efficiently from anywhere they want. While home office is idealised by many who have to go to an office on a daily basis, that admiration only seems to last until you are exposed to the reality of having your living and working spaces at the same location. Can you be really efficient while working from bed? Having all your potential distractions at an arm’s length? Staying in the same apartment or room the whole week or month? Not in our experience! Working from an office, and being surrounded by like minded people who try to get the most out of the day, gives your morale a welcome boost. Unfortunately in spite of the good looks and mood, a lot of the shared offices can become another home to us silly humans, having a variety of events, small and unadapted desks, or people chatting around. At The Other WorkSpace, we want to focus on getting the most out of the day, while giving you a comfortable workspace, and a motivating environment. But how is that really different? Well, just pop by and find it out for yourself!


AZ iroda

8230 Balatonfüred, Arácsi utca 16.

Fresh & new coworking office in the heart of Balatonfüred.


2030 Érd, Ács utca 31.

Communa is a coworking space in the heart of Érd Park City. A community office where we can perform our daily tasks in a modern environment and create and work as part of an open and cheerful community. We came up with the idea of creating a coworking office here in Érd,to create a place where we can do the day-to-day work in a clean and modern environment, which is easily accessible, where we can create and work as a member of an open and cheerful community and where it is an experience to come in every day. Communa is a niche community space for those who are looking for an inspiring environment as a freelancer, for those who would just run away from home-office closures, or for companies looking for cost-effective solutions. We wanted to create a friendly place where people come in not only to work and be inspired, but also to learn and develop.

Door Office

6725 Szeged, Mátyás király tér 26.

Door Office is a cowoking office in downtown Szeged: an office where you have the opportunity to work in calm conditions; it is also a community space where you can meet new people and build relationships where you can feel that you belong to a community. You can work at our desks, and in our community space you can get to know coworkers, exchange ideas, talk over a cup of coffee or tea. Whether you want peace, vibrancy or inspiration, you will find us in the Franciscan monastery in Alsóváros, Szeged.


8245 Vászoly, András utca 42.

PortusHome is a meeting point, a coworking space, a fully equipped office and a special combination of fabulous accommodations. Spend a day in our coworking office, get to know each other and recharge at our community events! You can combine all this with a stay of a few days or several weeks. Replace lonely or child-loud home workdays with a comfortable, well-equipped office and good company. Stable, fast internet, modern, spacious area, inspiring architectural solutions. A spacious office with 16 workstations, 2 Skype booths, a small meeting room for 6 people and a large meeting room for 16 people. The office also has a spacious terrace and kitchenette.

Do you know a coworking office who would like to join the campaign? Are you the owner or operator? Click here to register (2 minutes):